Service – Plant Operation Assistance




Ansaldo Nucleare provides a large range of service activities to Nuclear Power Plants in operations, aiming at safe operation, system optimization and performance enhancement.

Ansaldo Nucleare leverages on its experience and in-depth knowledge of the functioning and design criteria of various systems and components gained in the design and realization of different technologies for Nuclear Power Plants.

Specific areas and types of interventions:

  • Plant Life Extension (PLEX). Definition of inspection plans and engineering assessment to evaluate the ageing of structures and components thus identifying a roadmap of activities that allow for a Plant Life Extension up to the Customer requirements. Realization of the plant refurbishing and modifications to restore the plant operation conditions and to obtain a higher efficiency and better performance (power up-rating);


  • Balance of Plant optimisation through Thermal Cycle analysis and performance tests, safety and plant reliability enhancement by means of elimination of common failure causes;


  • Predictive maintenance and Outage interventions. Home office engineering, procurement service and management of site activities aimed at performing overhauling of the major pieces of equipment and enhancing system configurations and operations, through the refurbishing or on line replacement of systems and components;


  • Fatigue and Leak Before Break (LBB) analysis on mechanical and piping systems. Development of assessment methodologies for components/lines through specific material testing programme, evaluation of effectiveness of diagnostic systems and in-service-inspection programme qualification;


  • Fuel Handling Equipment and Tools. Customized development of Fuel Handling Machines Control Systems, including the design of the controlling architecture (safety monitoring and operating functions) of the driving and actuation system, the procurement of the instrumentation, control cabinets actuation and drivers, the installation and commissioning in field;


  • Instrumentation & Control, automation and monitoring systems. Design and supply of automation systems for BOP; Integrated systems dealing with radiation, nuclear safety, structural and seismic real time monitoring;


  • Design, supply and installation of monitoring systems for Diesel Generating Stations


  • Safe shutdown of the plants. Technical assistance to operations for safe shutdown, i.e. made safe of systems and operational waste produced along the life of the plant.

Plants where Ansaldo Nucleare is active in operation assistance:

  • Cernavoda NPP, Romania
  • Embalse NPP, Argentina
  • Chernobyl NPP, Ukraine
  • Medzamor NPP, Armenia
  • Superphenix NPP, France
  • Oskarshamn NPP, Sweden